Richard H Jamison, Hero to Many


Being Memorial Day, I would have thought of you more often today Dad.  I wish I had thanked you for your service in Korea while you were here with us. I’m disappointed in the 35 yrs I had with you that I never thought of it.  I’m sure as a young man traveling to a country, foreign and different from your beloved Maine was more of a challenge than I ever realized.  Thank you for serving your country Dad.  How admirable.  But everything you did was admirable.


I learned later in life the young boy on your lap was an orphan you wanted to adopt. To think I might have an older brother-by-choice but don’t, saddens me. Life doesn’t always play fair.  I wonder who he is, where he is and what his name is.  I’m sure you never stopped thinking of him when you returned to the states.   And judging by the way your arms are wrapped around his legs, I know you loved him.  I hope my arrival helped heal your heart.  How thoughtful.  But everything you did was thoughtful.


I also would have thought of you today Dad because it was yours and Mom’s 48th Anniversary.  I’m sorry you shared only 37.  You know she still holds you in her heart.  You were such a great man. You and Mom sure did love to dance and that’s how I remember you together. Your dedication to one another conveyed a great example.  How loving. But everything you did was loving.


Alas, the #1 reason I would have thought of you today Dad is because you would have been 80 years old on this day and I miss you immensely.

Happy Birthday Richard Hill Jamison!  Fly high and enjoy!

Thank you for believing in me.  You taught me to be independent, to listen to my own thoughts and not follow the crowd, to stand up for myself, to have confidence in my own abilities and most of all, to enjoy life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart:

for a magical childhood, filled with activities and adventures.

for saying yes every single year for me to continue dance classes.

for allowing me to travel to NYC at 13 with a mentor.  

for sitting through every recital I was ever in.

for always having  a great sense of humor.

for camps, boats, ski-doos, countless hours of waterskiing, treks to the hill for snow skiing, minibikes, Winnebego travels and lots of fun times together with Mom and Karleen.

for teaching me to drive a stick at 12.  

for allowing me to fly your plane.  

for a wedding 32 years ago that was a dream.

for helping Craig, Jeremy, Sachi, Shelbi, Hans, Alani and me buy our 1st home in the Keys.  Dolphin Drive holds such sweets memories for all of us.  We have you to thank.  I wish Hans and Alani could have known you in this lifetime. You were a Dad to be proud of, a grandfather to die for.

Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being my Dad.

Until we meet again, I love you.



3 Simple Little Words

Eat to Live
Live to Eat
To Live, Eat
To Eat, Live

Same words, but completely different meanings when arranged in varying ways.

To live, eat. We all have to.

To eat, live. This arrangement is harmless. Eating and enjoying life, a beautiful pairing.

This next arrangement of these three simple little words is dangerous:

Live to Eat.  Foods taste great, but this type thinking gets people into serious trouble with their bodies.

By changing the order and importance of these three simple little words, our brain has the ability to change the way it views food.   Seeing words in print can have an effect on your brain, as well as hearing your own voice.  Your brain knows 5-10 seconds ahead of what we are conscious of…tap into that.  Try the mantra approach.  If you happen to live to eat more than eat to live and are looking for a change. Try saying “Eat to Live” a few times every day. You’ll alter the way your brain thinks of food. And with that alteration comes many positive changes.

My philosophy is below.

Eat to Live.
I try to be a conscious eater.
I try to not eat beyond that first feeling of fullness.
I try to be thankful for my food and realize not all are as fortunate.
I try to eat simply so that others may simply eat.
I try to choose foods that have as few negative effects on our earth as possible. (Organic and Sustainable)
I try to choose foods that are local. (I need to work harder at this, so I made a list of farmer’s markets within 30 miles.)
I try to choose foods that give life, instead of one’s that take life. (Double meaning here)
I try to grab foods that fit perfectly in my hand and are ready to eat when on the go. (Fruit for perfect energy)
I try to use ingredients that are pure, organic and always animal friendly.
Another benefit, others beings don’t die because of what I choose and my choices are easy on the earth.  All of these little choices garner a huge reward…a happy, healthy, vibrant life.Image