3 Simple Little Words

Eat to Live
Live to Eat
To Live, Eat
To Eat, Live

Same words, but completely different meanings when arranged in varying ways.

To live, eat. We all have to.

To eat, live. This arrangement is harmless. Eating and enjoying life, a beautiful pairing.

This next arrangement of these three simple little words is dangerous:

Live to Eat.  Foods taste great, but this type thinking gets people into serious trouble with their bodies.

By changing the order and importance of these three simple little words, our brain has the ability to change the way it views food.   Seeing words in print can have an effect on your brain, as well as hearing your own voice.  Your brain knows 5-10 seconds ahead of what we are conscious of…tap into that.  Try the mantra approach.  If you happen to live to eat more than eat to live and are looking for a change. Try saying “Eat to Live” a few times every day. You’ll alter the way your brain thinks of food. And with that alteration comes many positive changes.

My philosophy is below.

Eat to Live.
I try to be a conscious eater.
I try to not eat beyond that first feeling of fullness.
I try to be thankful for my food and realize not all are as fortunate.
I try to eat simply so that others may simply eat.
I try to choose foods that have as few negative effects on our earth as possible. (Organic and Sustainable)
I try to choose foods that are local. (I need to work harder at this, so I made a list of farmer’s markets within 30 miles.)
I try to choose foods that give life, instead of one’s that take life. (Double meaning here)
I try to grab foods that fit perfectly in my hand and are ready to eat when on the go. (Fruit for perfect energy)
I try to use ingredients that are pure, organic and always animal friendly.
Another benefit, others beings don’t die because of what I choose and my choices are easy on the earth.  All of these little choices garner a huge reward…a happy, healthy, vibrant life.Image


9 thoughts on “3 Simple Little Words

  1. This is a wonderful post, and it’s amazing how powerful the arrangement of three simple words can be! Your philosophy is very inspiring and your message is definitely worth sharing. Sometimes when I go out with friends to eat and I feel frustrated because I can maybe only eat one or two things on the menu without asking for serious modifications, I still have the peace of mind knowing that no creature died or endured pain because of my choice. I definitely need to find more locally grown food, and I’ve been itching to get my own garden growing. Wonderful words of wisdom, Kathie!


    • Adelie. I can surely appreciate your peace of mind knowing not one creature died or endured pain because of my choices and am so happy to meet another soul who understands our true purpose here in life…and that is to not harm anything in any way. Thank you so much for your encouraging words and for letting me know I inspire you ❤ That means more than I'm sure you realize. ❤


      • Kathie! I’m really glad I could make you smile, and I’m immensely grateful we were able to find each other. It’s hard to find support for this choice of mine, so I’m so fortunate to have you to look up to and for mutual support. You’re amazing! ❤


      • I love how every once in awhile I find someone on the internet who becomes very special to me. You are one of those people.
        Adelie, I too am immensely grateful we’ve found one another ❤ Thank you so much for your kind words. This lifestyle choice
        is simply beautiful and it gets more beautiful with time. It would be my pleasure to support your decision to follow this life-giving, life-enhancing path. Sending you a huge hug for your day!


      • Thank you so much for the huge hug, and I’m profoundly grateful we’ve found each other as well! I deeply cherish your friendship and guidance. Also, I wanted to tell you I made some seriously delicious grilled tofu yesterday (I have to toot my own horn once in a while 🙂 ). I’m a tofu newbie, my first time was a disaster broiling it, and then my previous grilling was ok. My husband grilled his steak afterward and wasn’t nearly as happy as I was eating my tofu. Eventually he’ll warm up to the idea 😉 I send a huge hug back to you and hope your week is off to a great start!


      • I loved grilled tofu 🙂 We used to get this amazing barbequed tofu at a health food store in Kendall (suburb of Miami) years ago and I’ve never been able to duplicate it. Grilled tofu and pineapple ❤ YUM! I too am so grateful to have connected with you! Here's another hug coming your way. Have a beautiful day!

        And your husband will eventually warm up to it 🙂


      • Isn’t it a bummer that sometimes we can’t duplicate those wonderful restaurant recipes? I think that sometimes, just the fact that we don’t have to cook the food ourselves can make it taste better! 😀 Thank you for the hugs, I send plenty of them back! ❤


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