Opposite Sands of the Atlantic

Opposite Sands of the Atlantic

My oldest daughter Sachi in Costa Brava, Spain strikes a similar pose done by yours truly during sunrise at Reid State Park, Maine 30 years earlier.

Similar, but different. Like every day life.
Similar to the last, but different from all others.
Life changes. Beaches Change. Situations Change. Scenery changes.
But throughout it all, one thing remains constant and that is LOVE.
Cultivate Love in Our Lives.
Love for all others.
Love for ourselves.
Love for all beings on our planet…
Love for the plants that nourish our bodies and breathe for the earth.
Eat plants, they’re pure and clean, a good life style choice.
Live Pure. Live Love.
Elevate life to happiness.
In every changing moment, make the right choice.
Happiness follows right choices.

The sands on the beach are ever changing.
Years pass.
Love never dies.
It lives on for eternity…just like our soul/spirit/essence.
Live by Love.

Thanks for putting these photos together Sachi.