I wonder how many :(

This past winter I had a special opportunity to help someone.  Someone special to my heart.  Her family had been in involved with my dance studio and knew a little about me, my practices and beliefs (being Sagittarius I’m quite vocal on certain issues) as well as my intense belief that a mostly raw whole plant based way of eating gives us our most perfect health.  Thanks to facebook they knew this of me, as well as of my energy healings.  I’m not sure why the mom thought of me, but I’m thankful I popped into her head when she was searching her soul for some answers.

The message arrived via a FB message on a Friday morning.  The mom was simply beside herself.  She didn’t know what to do, who to turn to, who to talk to.  But as she shared the story with me it was clear she thought mainstream medicine knew exactly what they were talking about, being backed by science and all.  The diagnosis was a done deal, especially since there had been a relative who’d been diagnosed as a paranoid delusional/schizophrenic years before.  She asked if I would please go visit her teenage daughter 2 hours away.  She knew her daughter thought a lot of me and was hopeful I could somehow help.

For the past two years maybe longer in retrospect, this intelligent young woman who outwardly appeared healthy and strong was struggling with some serious health issues I found out. To the point where emergency room visits every few weeks were happening ~ looking for answers, hoping somebody or some treatment could give her relief.  Drugs and ointments were prescribed for the insomnia, mind fog, skin eruptions, aching joints, severe mood swings and fluish feelings that had become constant.  Friends and roommates thought she was delirious or on drugs.  According to mom, they’d had to rescue her from herself.  They took the keys to her car and made her to come home from college.  They then had her diagnosed by yet more mainstream doctors…Paranoid Delusional/Schizophrenic/Bi-Polar. More drugs were assigned.   Her mom explained that things reached a breaking point during the holidays.  A call to 911 was necessary as the daughter had lost it and was a victim of this horrible mental illness, words used in desperation to describe to me what had happened.

Backtrack please.  In 2000 I discovered a book by Hanna Kroeger.  My interest was peaked when I started reading about Candida Albicans.  Candida was the culprit I’d been looking for regarding my beloved husband’s struggle with depression and anxiety. It is greatly antagonized by tetracycline which he’d taken as a teenager for acne.  Candida is the cause for a great many conditions or ailments, including poor mental health and even suicides.  Over the years, he had tried different prescription drugs, chelation of heavy metals from the body, became sober, performed a 3 week distilled water fast with Dr Douglas Graham and we completely overhauled our diets in 1990.   Transitioning from SAD to mostly raw whole plant based helped everything tremendously, but the depression and anxiety still crept in when he was stressed.

Since 1990, I’d read hundreds of books/articles/publications/research papers on food/health/environment/climate. Being a dancer, I’d always been conscious of my foods and their particular affect on my body.  As a mom, I became very aware of how different foods affected our children. Watching our children react to foods we’d allow for “treats” on occasion only confirmed that sugar was indeed a drug and had adverse effects on small children’s behavior and dispositions.

In Hanna Kroger’s book, “God helps those that help themselves” she stated 50% of people in mental institutions acutely suffer from fungus overgrowth…candida albicans… 50% of those institutionalized are due to consumption of white flour and white sugar?  All because of an unhealthy balance of bad bacteria in the gut flora?

Long story short.  I visited on Saturday.  Heard another side to the story.  She felt she’d been kidnapped from school.  I offered to bring her to our house for a week or two and feed her whole fresh organic fruits and veggies – juicing, whole food shakes, fruit and veggies galore for snacking and dinners.  She thought it sounded like a great idea.  Her alternatives were not very promising as her parents were understandably wary of having her in their homes and she had no place to go.  She was also relieved when I asked if she knew of Morgellon’s Disease?  She did.  Nobody in the hospitals had believed her, said they’d never heard of it, and it was all in her head. She had her lawyer speak with me to see if indeed I had made such an offer.  Both the lawyer and the head doctor thought it was a great idea to start with clean foods.  I confirmed I had indeed made the offer and picked her up on Tuesday.  Had I not, on Wednesday she was scheduled to be transferred to Bangor Mental Health Institute.

I wonder how many patients in Mental Health Institutions have very treatable Candida Albicans.  Imagine healed by diet with the elimination of sugar and flour, both needless culprits in today’s foods.  Could this be causing people to have to be in mental health institutes?

I wonder how many 😦

By the way, the girl who came to stay is getting better.  She has changed her foods, added supplements which her chiropractor/Lyme Disease specialist recommended and is doing better.  And Morgellon’s – well, that’s a condition where non-organic/synthetic fibers come out through the skin, especially when the body is compromised in health and or the immune system is under stress.  (Songstress Joni Mitchell suffers from this as well.  The condition is linked to GMO’d foods/synthetics in our lives.)   It can be a side effect of Lyme’s Disease, which she was tested positive for and has been much helped by a raw plant based diet, with green juices and lots of whole food smoothies.